A Tub that Fits You

How many of us actually feel comfortable and relaxed in our tubs?

The truth is that the majority of commercial tubs are designed to fit a single specific body type and that is not your body. So when you are weighing your decision about which tub or spa to purchase; What is it worth to you to actually have a soak in a tub that fits you?

So then the answer is to choose a company that will build a tub to any conceivable dimensions?

Be careful here! Why?; Because the fact that a company may have the capability to build a custom tub to any size or shape does not ensure that you will actually receive one that fits you. A case in point is a very well known high-end custom spa builder who is actually more interested in getting your down-payment on the tub, at which point they design it without considering who is going to be using it. Oh yes, they send drawings to the client for final approval, but since the dimensions of the tub are really abstract numbers, the client simply “signs-off” on the design and then a couple of months later, steps into the tub and sadly discovers the harsh reality that the spa does not fit.

Is there such a thing as a custom spa builder that builds spas that fit the client?

Yes there is one; DaVinci Spas. Before they design a custom spa, they collect all the pertinent information in regard to the client’s preferences, body shape and movement limitations. They then build an anthropomorphic model of the client and place the client inside the spa as they design around it. When the client receives the final design for approval, instead of only receiving abstract dimensions, they also see graphic representations of their body approximation inside the soaking vessel. This allows the greatest possibility of the perfect fit.

You become the model and the tub is built around your body type.

You become the model and the tub is built around your body type.


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