Can you afford a custom Stainless Steel tub?

Well we are not shy of the fact, that we cannot imagine why anyone would choose a generic acrylic tub, over one of DaVinci Spas custom made, stainless steel soaking vessels. In general, we have found that the majority of home-owners, and even architects, are not aware that there even exists a company like DaVinci Spas that will design and build a custom tub from scratch! Please help us get the word out that there exists such a thing!

Of course, once you find out about DaVinci Spas, the next practical issue relates to your investment decision. Well, we hope to help you choose wisely.

Lets make a quick comparison list:

Custom-designed Stainless Steel Spa vs Catalog-selected Acrylic Spa

  Custom-designed Stainless Steel Spa Catalog-selected Acrylic Spa
Size & Shape Infinite sizes and shapes very limited choices
Structure Durability Incredibly strong structure. Lifetime warranty. Structure with many weak areas susceptible to cracking. Limited warranty.
Finish Durability Finish does not wear down Finish begins to break down immediately
Cost Slightly higher Slightly lower
Value Does not depreciate much over time Loses value quickly as appearance deteriorates
Comfort So comfortable, you won’t want to get out. Not comfortable since it wasn’t designed around your body type and soaking preference.
“Greenness” 100% recyclable Old tubs not recycled and end up in land fills
“Wow” factor
Amazing! Breathtakingly beautiful. Ho hum. (You’d better hang a  fabulous curtain in front of it.)

Finally, lets do a quick pricing check:

An example of a good quality acrylic hydrotherapy tub is the Jason International, Designer Collection “Brittany” model BY630 which is a rectangular, drop-in tub 72″ long x 36″ wide x 20.5″ deep. With the whirlpool option (pump & heater), ozone generator, and waste/overflow plumbing, the list price is $ 5,170.

A custom-designed, DaVinci Spas, stainless steel tub of the same dimensions and with the same options has a wholesale price of $ 6,435. (design id: DVS-M13-B-10)

Therefore, for just under 25% more than the acrylic tub, you receive all of the benefits of a stainless steel spa.


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