How to clean stainless steel tubs and sinks.

To clean stainless steel tubs and sinks, you want to think natural and non-abrasive. It can be tempting to try and scrub stains out of your sink using harsh chemicals and rough sponges, but don’t do it! Bleach and other chemicals can cause damage to stainless steel sinks. Of course, never use steel wool on  stainless steel. It can cause the stainless steel to rust!

Instead, clean your stainless steel sink or tub using mild soapy water, and a soft sponge. If there is grime that is resistant to cleaning, instead of the soft sponge, you may use a piece of green Scotch Brite pad (not the red pad, which is much more coarse.) When using the green Scotch Brite pad, always use a circular motion, following the pattern of the original swirled grain.

You can also use products like Bar Keeper’s Friend and Bon Ami to clean stainless steel. They are non-scratch cleaners that are specially formulated to safely clean without scratching. Along with my sponge and rag, I also like to have an old toothbrush handy to clean the drain and other small areas.


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