The Traditional Japanese Soaking Bath (Ofuro)

The ofuro, is a Japanese bath. Specifically it is a type of bath which originated as a short, steep-sided wooden bathtub. Baths of this type are found all over Japan in houses, apartments and traditional Japanese inns (ryokans) but are now usually made out of a plastic or stainless steel.

An ofuro differs from a conventional Western bathtub by being of a deeper construction, typically at least 25 inches deep. The sides are generally square rather than being sloped. They generally have no overflow drainage. Traditional pot shaped cast iron ofuro were heated by a wood-burning stove built-in below them.

Ofuro are part of the Japanese ritual of bathing, not meant for washing but rather for relaxing and warming oneself. Washing is carried out separately. The bather should enter the water only after rinsing or lightly showering. The water is hot, usually approximately 100 to 108 degrees F (38 to 42 degrees Celsius).

DaVinci Spas offers many styles of ofuro. Our designs generally include a drain and overflow system. This way, you may have a shower head installed above the bath, thus being able to shower before filling the tub for your relaxing soak. Our designs tend to be deep, allowing you to soak up to your neck if you so desire.

If you are thinking that a custom made, Japanese deep soaker must be expensive, that is not the case. DaVinci Spas offers a custom-made, stainless steel deep soaker for around $ 3,600. (design id: DVS-M14-S-01, unskirted).


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